Robin’s love of music began as a little girl, listening to musicals like Evita and Les Miserables and then The Who’s Tommy as her penchant for classic Rock took hold.  A long-time native of Philadelphia and all-around “city girl,” Robin eventually came to the even bigger city to pursue her love of music, theater and comedy.

Shortly after her arrival, she was drawn into the world of improv comedy and began studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade and Magnet Theaters.  It didn’t take long for her todiscovered the magic that was musical improv which led her to create an improvised Las Vegas Lounge show entitled “Vegas, Baby, Vegas!!!” in which she originated the role of zany and lush-y Las Vegas Lounge singer, Trudy Carmichael.  Over ten years later, Trudy lives on as the hostess with the mostest of  a bi-monthly Musical Improv Mixer at the Magnet Theater (Hotel and Casino) every Tuesday.

When Robin isn’t walking the boards or belting out improvised tunes as her boozy alter-ego, you can find her strumming covers and originals on her acoustic guitar atop a stool at a Potbelly Sandwich Shop or an Open Mic at Scallywags Bar in Midtown.

Robin’s unusual journey through the realms of music to theater to comedy and back again have given her a unique voice in today’s music scene.  She often finds herself waxing comedic more often than poetic in her songwriting, and while she is somewhat of a newcomer to the Singer/Songwriter scene, she hopes that you will give her a chance and see what she has to offer! If you like it – great!  If not – that’s fine, too.

Thanks for listening!